We're Bringing Power & Affordability to the Web & Businesses

All you need to know about BexClients


BexClients is a service offered by Busyexpand that provides monthly plan for [businesses/business owners] to own a website & boost their online presence. 

The Future

BexClients want to create a web where everyone (business or not) can own a personalised space on the web.

The Quest

BexClients is simply making better services that helps people (especially in africa) come on the web easily.

BexClients, by Busyexpand

BexClients is created by Busyexpand. We've been building software for the web since 2020. We've created thousand of projects in-house and beyond and now, we are introducing this for any business running on low budget and can't get online to come online.

Recurring support. Recurring updates. Pay monthly.

Become BexClient Now

30 Day Guarantee

Not 100% happy? Get a full refund anytime within 30 days of purchase.

Unlimited Business Offer

Fits any business type or category. There is no limit.

Unlimited Support

Pay monthly, and get support and updates 24/7.

Mobe anytime

If you want your domain & hosting moved from recurring payment ask anytime.
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